IJA 2010-Sparks, Nevada

You can't beat Vegas. That is, unless you get to go to Vegas, stay with Ivan and his wife for several days, watch Ivan perform with 50 other jugglers, get called up on stage for fun and hijinks, road trip through the desert for 12 hours with Ivan and new buddy Howie, talk your way out of a speeding ticket for the first time in your life, spend seven days in Sparks with great jugglers, help your buddy get an IJA medal while having a hilarious time onstage, and then come BACK to Vegas with said buddies and chill for another day or two. Ahhh, the memories. Speaking of memories, see below for the full HLGCBS action

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Ivan n Bryson
Ivan juggles?
Sweet Living Room
The Boyz
Bryson's Ladyfriend
On our way
My co-pilot
Our driver
The desert
We there yet?
Candy Oasis
Death Valley?
Death Valley!
Clown Motel 1
Clown Motel2
Clown Motel 3
Clown Motel 4
Clown Motel 5
Clown Motel 6
Ton o Luggage
Beautiful 1
Beautiful 2
Beautiful 3
Beautiful 4
>Entering Sparks 1
Entering Sparks 2
Entering Sparks 3
Welcome Party 1
Welcome Party 2
Welcome Party 3
Kendama Open Group 1
Kendama Open Group 2
The Champions
Monster Trick
The Wife!
NZ T-Shirt!
Election Results 1
Election Results 2
My Goal
My Tools
The MC 1
The MC 2
Epic Fail 1
Epic Fail 2
Epic Fail 3
Epic Fail 4
El Jefe 1
El Jefe 2
El Jefe 3
Breaking Even 1
Breaking Even 2
Breaking Even 3
Breaking Even 4
Breaking Even 5
Breaking Even 6
Breaking Even 7
Breaking Even 8
Ivan and Skipper 1
Ivan and Skipper 2
Ivan and Skipper 3

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