IJA 2005-Davenport, Iowa

Seriously, it was a great year. The Japanese competitors kicked ass in the competitions, and I had a great time translating for them at Renegade. We got to hang out with the Dew Drops a great deal and that was a real treat as well. Other highlights include (in no particular order): Winning $750 in the Individual props competitions; beating Ryo Yabe and Jeff Daymont in the process (for the 1st and last time in my life!)--we really needed that money to make it through the trip! Beating Mark Faje in another go-around of Kendama B-I-T-C-H on the same day. Clowning around with Mark while Adria was doing her standup set at Renegade. Doing Look Over There with Mick at Renegade (and winning). Compering the Planting the Seed Show for the kids. Jamming siteswaps with Kazuhiro Shindo in the gym. Doing the Flying Wallendas with Jay G., Luke W., Lana B., Marcus M., Steven R., Tony G., Will P., and Sam S.. Going out to dinner Tuesday night with Katje, Bill and the Dew Drops. Eating crap at Hardees every night with Lisa. Judging the comps with Fritz G. and others. Sucking in the Public Show and then getting grabbed by producer Mark Hayward right after I walked off the stage and him telling me, "Get back out there, you just won the Peoples Choice!!"

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Davenport Gate
Davenport Gym
Prop Comp 1
Prop Comp 2
Prop Comp 3
Prop Comp 4
Prop Comp 5
Prop Comp 6
Planting Seed 1
Planting Seed 2
Planting Seed 3

Planting Seed 4
Planting Seed 5
Planting Seed 6
Planting Seed 7
Planting Seed 8
Planting Seed 9
Planting Seed 10
Planting Seed 11
Planting Seed 12
Gym Friends
Japanese Crew 1
Japanese Crew 2
Hair Flava
Comps Judges 1
Comps Judges 2
Comps Friends 1
Comps Friends 2
Comps Friends 3
Comps Friends 4

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