IJA 2004

Lisa and I had a great time in Buffalo this year. No competition drama--I had fun getting 2nd in the props competition to Ryo Yabe (he's the man). Took my $100 prize and bought 5 Henry Delphins to replace my Renegades. I had a blast hanging with the Brits and the Japanese who had come to visit. I also spent some time getting to know Ole and Thomas Dietz more--studs. I also got to do the Cascade of Stars--twice, actually. I did my new diabolo routine and also got to be in Jay Gilligan/Tomoko Tokushige's creation. Cool.

Welcome to Buffalo!
Irish Pub 1
Irish Pub 2
Burrage Camera
Whistling Trio
Yabe and Hall
Air Cannon
The Japanese Crew
Jay Jose
The Flying K's
Green Room
Shea Theater
Beer Thieves 1
Beer Thieves 2
Ivan's Angels
Normal Guys
Sleeping Brit 1
Sleeping Brit 2
The Gang 1
The Gang 2
Niagara 1
Niagara 2
Niagara 3
Niagara 4
Niagara Group 1
Niagara Group 2
Ivan Shower
Scotty Balance
Matt 97531
Ivan 5 Ball Overhead
Matt 5 Ball Mills
Scotty 7 Ball
Ivan 4 Club Balance
Matt 2 Diabolo Sprinkler
HCA Brother Tom

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