IJA 2007-Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I started going to IJA festivals in 2000--the Montreal festival was my first IJA festival. Since that time, I've attended every one with the exception of 2002 Reading. I have had some wonderful times at each festival, and some of them have been quite memorable for me. In 2003, I got a silver medal. In 2005, I got the Peoples Choice. However, I think I have to rank this year's festival as my favorite out of all seven IJA festivals I have attended so far. Why? I think mainly because it was just chock full of juggling goodness. The shows were the best ever. The comps were just about the best ever. The workshops were a revelation. The people were fun, both old and new faces. The accommodations, theater, and Renegade space all fit to a T. More highlights include: Hanging out with Ivan and Lisa all week. Meeting and getting to know Pete Loftus (PJuggle) and Pete Irish. Getting to hang with Mark Douglass from OZ after a long absence. Spending some quality time talking about comps with Mark Nizer. Seeing Maksim Komaro, Jochen and Florian again after a long absence. Watching the crowd's reaction to Get the Shoe, when I knew what was coming. hehehe... Finally meeting Ville Walo. Maksim and Ville's little get-together after the Cascade of Stars. THE CASCADE OF STARS!!!! Taking Peter Davidson's workshop. Ville's Cigar Box workshop. Ville's 3 club workshop! Maksim's club traps workshop. Actually learning tons of tricks at a festival. The cigar box jam in the gym with Ryu-han, Chris Moran and Gadomski. Some new faces in the Japaanese crew, especially Kondo-san, Matsumoto-san and Nagetaka-san. All three of their performances in the comps! Having the new multiplex workshop go off. Teaching excalibur to Barry Friedman and Mark Nizer, along with everyone else in that workshop. The official cigar box breakout with Dan Holzmann and everyone else--we invented some crazy shit! Dinner at the Thai Restaurant with David and Kris Groth. Dinner with Wes and Jeff Peden and getting to know those fine folks. Sharing the Opening Show stage with Wes, Jeff, Ivan, Jen Slaw and Tony Pezzo. Not completely embarrassing myself in said company, with a new one diabolo routine that might actually be worth exploring. Sharing the stage again with Jeff, Wes, Ivan and Jen in the Planting the Seed Show. Doing probably my best compere job ever for the Youth Showcase--18 acts in one hour and twenty-three minutes baby!! Pulling some new excalibur tricks (thanks M4U!). Jamming with Ben, Ted, and Alan with diabolos--and Alan Alovus giving me and Lisa free Juggolution shirts. Getting Lisa the new Harry Potter book on the day it came out and seeing her peacefully reading it in the gym. And of course, the 976-Juggle script writing in the gym with Ivan and its premiere at Renegade that night with Dorothy and Ivan as the stars. I could go on further, but I'll stop here. This festival rocked--thank you John Satriano and Dan Holzmann.

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Thanks to Travis Jennings for his sweet photos from the Opening Show. You can check out more of his IJA photos and read his PhD dissertation here.

Our View of Winston-Salem
Cat's Cafe-Delish!
Lisa Loves Java, oh yes...
I Love Her Hair
Geek Fest With Mark
Atomic Dog 1
Atomic Dog 2
Atomic Dog 3
Atomic Dog 4
Atomic Dog 5
Atomic Dog 6
Atomic Dog 7
Atomic Dog 8
Satriano and Pecel
John is Da Man!
Francois Loves Ivan..haha
Getting My Drink On
Box Jam with Ryu-han
Ivan Hates My Boxes
Pezzo is Scared of Ivan
Lisa, Pecel, Nizer, Davidson...whoa
Juniors Champs
Japan Rules...Again
I had to do it...
Sky giving the love
Ivan and I writing funny stuff
Wes, Kris, and Plotkin-san
Planting The Seed 1
Planting The Seed 2
Planting The Seed 3
Viktor Kee and Joe Dean
Thomas has Two-We have None
The Richters Score Big!
The Silver Club 2007
No, Ivan's Torch it is not
Vertax Workshop w/Ted Joblin
Nizer and Barry...oh yeah!
Cascade of Stars Dinner
The Raspyni Brothers are Excellent
976-JUGGLE Cast
Jugglebug and Peapot...whoa
Renegade with Pete Irish
Maksim, Ville, and Pete
Ivan Juggles Pins
I Love Pins!
My Dirty Clothes Hamper
St. Ignatius Still Rules!
Lunch w/ The LaSalle Brothers

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