World Juggling Federation 2004

At long last, I attended the first ever WJF event in Las Vegas. Furthermore, Priam of the Mad French Posse came to visit for a week before we left for Vegas. We had a great time visiting local juggling clubs, sightseeing in SF, eating sushi, making burritos, coming up with the diabolo competition rules, watching videos, and driving through the desert to Vegas. Higlights in no particular order: playing DDR for the first time against Antonin, eating sushi at RA's with Rootberry, watching Scotty win (way to go!), getting a 6.36 in prelims in diabolo after showing up late from the airport, pulling a diabolo excallibur genocide in prelims and in the exhibition (thanks for letting me join, MFP!), pulling B6666 with 7 balls, filming synchronized 97531's with Thomas Dietz, finally meeting and talking to Peter Gerber (great guy), getting free copies of Things You Can't Do 2, Diabology, Sean McKinney's video, and the Ohako Box video from Shu-kun (arigatou!), getting a shirt from Yabe, another one from Antonin (merci beaucoup!), receiving glowballs from PassePasse (thanks Chris!), watching the water show at the Bellagio with Lisa, almost pulling the 3 box foot catch in the finals (Tin Cup!), pulling the foot catch 6 times during the box workshop, sitting in on workshops with Bill, getting the 360 fan down thanks to Yabe's advice, getting to know Masa from Naranja and Yabe's fiancee (ome ni kakarete kouei deshita!), learning some great tricks from Trash, Priam, and Eric (thanks to all of you for taking the time), Baptiste's wonderful encouragement and help with 3 diabolos even though I sucked and was pissed off, watching all the comps and the incredible juggling, and finally, the great vibe generated by all these great jugglers who came together to push each other and help others.

Priam Passing at Stanford
Priam and the Stanford Church
Priam at Klutz
Priam at the Party
The Klutz Crew Party
Priam and David in SF
Priam and Joe's Crab Shack
Golden Gate Priam
Golden Gate Matt and Lisa
Silver Creek Priam 1
Silver Creek Priam 2
Silver Creek Priam 3
Silver Creek Priam 4
Silver Creek Priam 5
Silver Creek Juggling Club 1
Silver Creek Juggling Club 2
Penn TV Interview
Diabolo Finalists and Judges
The Sanjikai Crew
WJF Buffet Gang
WJF Buffet 2
WJF Buffet 3
Bellagio Water Show
The Strip
Lisa at the Bellagio
Bellagio Water Show 2
Bellagio Christmas Tree Lisa
Bellagio Ornaments
ESPN 2 juggler
WJF juggler
WJF 7 Balls
WJF 7 Balls 2
Penn and Matt
Teller and Root
WJF Homies
WJF Japanese Homies
The Mad French Posse plus 3

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