Our Wedding in Hawaii-2005

Yes, it is true. After one sub-par marriage each, we both decided to give it another go. I decided to fly out and surprise Lisa with a wedding proposal while she was visiting her best friend, Trina. Trina became my secret partner in crime as we conspired to set up everything in the prior week. Trina managed to get the license, rings, pastor, and outfits squared away, while all I had to do was do a little shmoozing with Florence Hasegawa, the 97 year old oldest marriage licensor in the United States. I flew in on July 3rd, Trina slipped me the ring, and I proposed down by the water's edge later that afternoon. Lisa was so surprised, her first words were, "Are you sure?" I thought that was funny. I responded, "Yeah, and we've got an appointment to get the license in 40 minutes so let's go!" The next day, Reverend Beverly Powers met us on the beach at 10am and we did the deed. Just us, the pastor, and Trina's family. Perfect.

Rainbow Over Mahina
Rainbow 2
Our Beautiful View
Beautiful Sunset
Turtle Cove
Wedding Point
Florence Hasegawa's Place
Wedding Morning
Our Wedding Outfits
The Beautiful Bride
The Wedding Balcony
Balcony 2
Heading to the Point
Are We There Yet?
Reverend Beverly Powers
Wedding Lei 1
Wedding Lei 2
Wedding Lei 3
The Ceremony Begins
Ceremony 2
Ceremony 3
Ceremony 4
Ceremony 5
Ceremony 6
Ceremony 7
Ceremony 8
Ceremony 9
Wedding Kiss
Wedding Done
Wedding Done 2
The Two Rings
Where it all began...
The Wedding Party 1
The Wedding Party 2
Mr. and Mrs. Hall
Paperwork 1
Paperwork 2
We're Married!
Luau Drink from Hell
Luau Sunset 1
Luau Sunset 2
Trina and the Girls 1
Trina and the Girls 2
Hawaiian Kitty!
Sunset Wife
Sunset Husband
Sunset Couple
Sunset Friends
Sunset Juggle
Sunset Turtle Cove
Blurred Lisa
Blurred Lisa 2
Final Dinner

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