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Humboldt Juggling Festival 2009-the B-Boy Compere!

Welcome! In 1981, I taught myself to juggle after viewing the Flying Karamazov Brother's HBO special.  Like any 11 year old boy, I soon grew tired of just throwing the balls around and moved onto bigger and better things. Later, much later, I was introduced to four ball juggling and the neck catch by my buddy Brian Hersey, a fellow JET Program participant in 1995. I was blown away, but I never REALLY got back into juggling. Finally, when I moved to Chicago in the Spring of 1997, I came across Charlie Dancey's Encyclopaedia of Ball Juggling. I never realized there were THAT many tricks you could do with beanbags. And what's more, they all had these funky names....Mills Mess, The Machine, 531? What the heck did the numbers stand for? I resolved to learn every trick in the book.........

Almost twenty years later, my life has changed significantly because of that one little purchase of a book and some beanbags. I have traveled to places, met people, and done things that I never thought I would ever do. As some of my British friends would say, I'm a bit "keen" about juggling. Given all the good times I have had and the great folks I have met through juggling, how could I not be?

This web site is a catalogue, a personal repository for all my juggling memories. I hope you enjoy it.