Juggling Links

These are some links that I have used or continue to use. Quality sites all around!


The Juggling Information Service My first juggling website and still a sentimental favorite.

The International Juggling Database If the JIS is old and busted, then the IJDB is the new hotness.

Rec.Juggling This is juggling at its wonky-ess.  Anything goes.... (I use the Google version.)

Juggling Animators I still use these to figure out siteswaps. A deep bow of respect to Ken Matsuoka and his original Juggle Master, which I still use, as well as to Jack Boyce, whose JuggleAnim and JuggleLab are my latest finds.


DIABOLO.CA I first met Sean at the IJA 2004 in Buffalo. Since that time, I've watched his site become THE place to be for all English-speaking diabolists, and indeed most diabolists from around the world.

Art of Diabolo by Priam Here's the other one.

Diabolo Tricks Before Priam and JiBe, most of us worshipped this site. Jim-san, arigatou!

Diarhythm The first site to show us how far the Japanese had taken diabolo.

Multiple Diabolo Trash's website. It's in French, but it's worth it.


Juggling Tricks Unlimited A relatively newer site with a truly massive quantity of tricks to check out.

The Gandini Juggling Project Producer of the legendary Siteswap DVD, among many other things. A passionate teacher and explorer of the artistry of juggling.

Juggling Insanity Cool 3 ball clips and routine videos from the inventor of "drop" swap, Michael Karas.

The Cloon Brothers This site first inspired me to start bounce juggling seriously.

Peter Bone Next to Ben Beever, the best siteswapper in the business. He has some burly clips and ideas for tricks on his site.

Mark Probst's Site Also known as Schani, I met him at EJC 2003 along with Thomas Dietz. Both are monster jugglers. If you go to Mark's site, you'll find some good videos of him doing 4 and 5 ball siteswaps.


Ryuhan's Cigar Box A nice look at what the Japanese are doing with cigar boxes from a JJF and IJA competition finalist.

Sumita's Deep Juggling Movies If you want to see some REALLY funky cigar box and ball tricks from Japan, this is your site.

Eric Bates Quite simply, the best cigar boxer on the planet. Period.


Japan Kendama Association The big leagues. The site is in Japanese, and there is an English version, but it is not updated. My apologies to the non-Japanese speakers.

British Kendama Association Outside of Japan, the most active, organized and cohesive group of kendama players. Of course, I'm biased, as I'm an honorary member of Team KD.

Kendama.com The clearing house for Kendama on the Web. It's all in Japanese, but if you dig around, you will find video clips and images galore.

Kendama Flash Animations Check this site out if you want to see both fundamental and advanced Kendama tricks. Don't forget to click on the "2" in the bottom right hand corner for the second page.

Super Performance Want to know what they're doing in Japan with Kendama these days? Here's where you find out. Prepare to feel small and insignificant.


Air Traffic My sponsor and the place to go if you want Henrys Juggling equipment. And who doesn't want Henrys equipment? It is, quite simply, the best.

Juggling Thingies John Nord in Texas makes the balls I currently use. Plastic filled so you can wash them and not get hassled by customs. Customer service is top notch.

Juggling Store My juggling club at Silver Creek High School has benefited from their generosity as well as their wide selection of products.

Dube One of the all-time legends out of New York. I get my silicone balls here, and their cigar boxes are amazing. Another supporter of the SCHS Juggling Club, for which we are forever grateful.

Renegade This Santa Cruz-based company gets the nod for their support of jugglers, experimental juggling, and for creating what is known around the world as Renegade Stage.

Naranja THE Japanese prop vendor. If you want kendama or Japanese goodies, contact Jun-san. He speaks English and is quite the stud juggler in his own right.

Sport Juggling Company The Heir Apparent to Fergie Bags. Doug Sayer's mom Cheryl makes them and they are, if anything, even better than Fergies. The SCHS Juggling Club just purchased a full class set of 60 balls.

Gballz Greg has got some great momentum going for his company. Quality product and highly responsive to customer suggestions. I used them in the 2005 IJA Cascade of Stars show.

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