Workshop Handouts

Over the years, I have taught quite a few workshops. Since 2008 or so, I began creating handouts for them. I chose to do so based on student feedback--students often told me that I covered so much material that it was difficult for them to remember everything we covered, even if they brought a notebook to jot down ideas and patterns. These handouts are usually updated before any festival I attend where I know I will be teaching workshops. Any comments, corrections, or criticisms are always appreciated. Please feel free to offer your comments and critiques about your experiences in my workshops at: JUGGLE SENSEI'S WORKSHOP SURVEY


  • 3-4-5 Ball Machine/Factory Tricks After being introduced to the possibilites of this technique by Ben Beever, I have spent several years seeking out the best patterns and performers of this style--here are my findings.

  • Cigar Boxes A monster list of variations and combinations--If you can do everything on this list, you are well on your way.

  • 4-5-6 Ball Multiplex Tricks Some of my favorites from over the years--I never manage to cover them all, even in two separate workshops.

  • Japanese Cigar Box Techniques Inspired by the work of Jin Suzuki and others, this workshop offers a glimpse into the new generation of tricks and styles invented in Japan.

  • Funky 5 Ball Patterns A mish-mash of five ball tricks that nobody does, but everyone should learn, because they are funky cool!

  • Master of Ceremonies Fundamentals You've been asked to run or host a show--You say to yourself, "No problem. I am a decent public speaker. I know some juggling tricks. How hard can it be?!?" Learn some basics from someone who has hosted shows in several countries, in several languages, and has lived to tell the tale. Like any skill--hosting a show has its own vocabulary, technique, and traditions.

  • Club Spin Control by Luke Wilson A compendium of Luke Wilson's original workshop on club spin control exercises, tricks, and variations. Luke's teachings will challenge you and take your club juggling to the next level.

  • 3-4 Ball Freeze Variations A workshop surrounding a concept that I believe is somewhat original, taking it as a I did from the cigar box world. There is so much unexplored territory here, I decided to put it out there for everyone to play with and to develop new ideas.

  • Practice Questions-Methodologies-Systems For me, it all began on the Juggling Information Service (JIS), reading essays written by Barry Bakalor and Steve Ragatz ( When I read Barry’s description of Anthony Gatto’s practice routine, or when I read Steve’s story about how his practice methods took a toll on his body, I was 28 years old and just starting out in juggling. Now, at age 49, I have gone back and re-read those articles. As with most things, I found new lessons and different meanings. In those intervening 21 years, I kept juggling, earned a master’s in Education, and read a few other books and articles that sparked a new interest in making my practice time as efficient and as effective as possible.

  • Diabolo Excalibur A basic history of the technique with primary innovators noted.

  • 3-4-5 Ball Bouncing Just a basic sketch of fundamental tricks and ideas.

  • Kendama Black Belt A good list of the tricks given by the JKA for black belt, as well as the 10 fundamental tricks and some good website references.

  • 4-5 Club Multiplex Tricks A good starter list of tricks to try with 4 and 5 clubs, as taught to me by masters like Will Murray, Luke Wilson, and Denis Paumier.

  • 3-4-5 Ball Mills Mess Variations A workshop I put together for the 2009 IJA Festival--still a work in progress but fun for all Mills Mess addicts like myself.

  • Tennis Ball & Can Tennis Ball & Can have been a passion of mine ever since Dan Holzman and Tim Kelly schooled me on their original sequences. I have brought a few new bits to the table since then, and this workshop covers both the fundamentals, and the newest developments.

  • 4 Clubs: Mild, Medium and Spicy! Another newer workshop that made its debut at IJA 2010. At the time I had been working on clubs a bit and this form was my way of organizing my thoughts. The tricks listed are fairly common, so my idea of Spicy might be someone else's Mild. Still, I do believe that mastery of all these tricks definitely qualifies one as a pretty decent club juggler.

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