Mondo XVII Jugglefest 2006

My second MONDO was better than last year's event for several reasons: First and foremost, I got to bring Lisa this time so she could experience this great fest of the North Midwest. Secondly, we got to go out early and spend several days with Mick and Kirsten Lunzer, as well as Jeff and Jason of the Dew Drop Jugglers. Much juggling at Circus Juventus, video watching, eating and petting of animals was accomplished. We got to do Sakura again with Jerry Martin. We also had a great time at the actual festival. Workshops galore and unicycling to blow your mind. Got to catch up with Sam, Penny, Tom, Erin and the rest of my Minnesota/Wisconsin friends. Closed the Public Show and did an even better job of it than last year, to my relief. I can't wait for MONDO XVIII!

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Lunzer Kitty 1
Lunzer Kitty 2
Mall of America 1
Mall of America 2
Mall of America 3
Mall of America 4
Mall of America 5
Lego Store 1
Lego Store 2
Lego Store 3
Lego Store 4
Lego Store 5
Lego Store 6
Lego Store 7
Sakura Juggling 1
Sakura Juggling 2
Sakura Juggling 3
Sakura Juggling 4
Three Red Bag Amigos
Tuey The Stud
Al The Studlier
Passing Fanatics
The Hoovers
The Not-So-Desperate Houswives
The Lunzer Homestead

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