Mondo XVI Jugglefest 2005

The third and final festival in my February juggling odyssey was Mondo 16. Jerry Martin invited me and I jumped at the chance, especially since I had been wanting to go ever since Erin sent me their ultra-cool Mondo 10 shirt, which reads, "Throw Often, Drop Little, Sleep Not." Highlights (in no particular order) include: Eating Sushi with Jerry and Tom Tesarek on Friday. Going mall hoping with Jerry on Friday before the festival. Seeing Robin Chesnut and Myron for the first time since Reno 2003. Seeing Bruce and Dean from Chicago. Watching all the stud unicyclists from the TCUC--they showed me what real unicycling is these days. Finally getting to know Connie from TCUC. Seeing Mick and Kirsten for the first time since Reno 2003. Getting to meet the rest of the Dew Drop Jugglers, Jeff and Jason. Dinner at Applebee's on Saturday before the Public Show with Robin, Tom, Penny, and Megan. Staying at Tom and Penny's awesome place with Sam, AJ, Scott and the Kasemann's from Madison. Passing with Sam, Scott and Penny on Saturday (except for when my fingers got smashed). Closing the public show with only one drop (and that bounced back onto my string). Saving the excalibur genocide in the public show. Getting to see the Passing Zone again (before Owen got sick). Watching Tuey and Vova stand in for Owen in the public show with John and just killing. The Dew Drop Jugglers' two acts in the public show. Robin's comedy act, which I had never seen, was AWESOME. Teaching Sky King to diabolo finally, and watching her enjoy it. Enjoying Sky's dope beats and music the whole weekend. Riding home in the snow with Tom Saturday night. Chatting while driving to the gym/airport with Penny. Hunter and Tennessee the cats. Hitting the pub after the public show with Robin and Connie and others. Teaching workshops on diabolo, cigar boxes, kendama, and 4/5 ball tricks. Hitting 744 with clubs twice (my first time). Getting 6 cycles of (8x,6)(6,8x) with 7 balls. Having a little impromptu diabolo tutorial session on Sunday with Jeff, Mick, Tuey and Ted (you're getting really good bro). Dinner at Chevy's on Sunday night with Mark Hayward and the crew--playing High-Low-Goal-Crush-Bane. Sitting back in the chairs and talking with Tom and Penny on Sunday night. Playing in the snow outside the house on Sunday morning. Showing the Gandini siteswap cards to everyone and feeling their envy--haha, just kidding! Meeting a ton of cool new Minnesota juggling friends!

Sakura Lunch 1
Sakura Lunch 2
Schubert Museum 1
Schubert Museum 2
Mall of America 1
Mall of America 2
Southdale Mall
Hunter 1
Tennessee 1
Hunter 2
Tennessee f2
The Tesareks' Pad 1
The Tesareks' Pad 2
Mondo Stage Shot 1
Mondo Stage Shot 2
Snow 1
Snow 2
Pub 1
Pub 2
Dew Drop Challenge 1
Dew Drop Challenge 2
Snow House 1
Snow House 2
Snow House 3
Snow House 4
Breakfast Group
Goodbye Group 1
Goodbye Group 2
Goodbye Group 3
Sky Margarita
Chevy's Crew

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