Coeur D'Alene Juggling Convention-2006

Another Idaho vacation! David Groth and Mary Jane Bennett have always done a great job with this festival, and this year was no exception. Great activities at Independence Point as usual. A return visit to the children's hospitals in Spokane was definitely a highlight. Great guests as usual--Jen Slaw, Tony Duncan, VanillaTown, and Ilka Licht. I really enjoyed going into Spokane early on Friday for the TV show promo shots. Afterwards we went to Frank's Diner, which was fabulous. Getting to know Ilka better and taking her workshop were two very good things indeed. Who can forget the introduction of profanity by yours truly into the previously-squeaky clean CDA Renegade tradition (sorry David!!!)? The public show was more female-performer oriented and The Swing Sisters definitely represented in fine fashion. The games on Sunday were smaller, as was the overall turnout, but the energy was still laid-back and positive. I'm hoping they restart the tradition after taking a break for the Portland IJA festival.

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Shriner's Hopital Gig 1
Shriner's Hopital Gig 2
Shriner's Hopital Gig 3
Shriner's Hopital Gig 4
Shriner's Hopital Gig 5
Shriner's Hopital Gig 6
Shriner's Hopital Gig 7
Shriner's Hopital Gig 8
Shriner's Hopital Gig 9
CHOC Hopital Gig 1
CHOC Hopital Gig 2
CHOC Hopital Gig 3
CHOC Hopital Gig 4
CHOC Hopital Gig 5
CHOC Hopital Gig 6
CHOC Hopital Gig 7
CHOC Hopital Gig 8
Mirror Bounce 1
Mirror Bounce 2
NBC Early Morning 1
NBC Early Morning 2
NBC Early Morning 3
NBC Early Morning 4
NBC Early Morning 5
Frank's Diner 1
Frank's Diner 2
Frank's Diner 3
Frank's Diner 4
Drinking with V-Town 1
Drinking with V-Town 2
Swing Sistas!
CDA Buddies
CDA Promo 1
CDA Promo 2
CDA Promo 3
CDA Promo 4
Jen Slaw
David in Drag
Raffle Prizes?!?!
The Big Show!
Tony Duncan and friends
Vic and Yvonne
Psycho Poi Girl
David Feeding the Line
The Hamiltons and MJ
CDA Group Shot 1
CDA Group Shot 2

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