Couer D'Alene 2004

Once again, David Groth, Mary Jane Albrecht and the rest of the CDA community put on an incredible festival. Attendees this year included Olga and Vova, Jason Garfield, Jay Gilligan, Team Rootberry, Stanford Juggling Research Institute, Rhys Thomas, Steve Caruso, and CJ Smith. This festival is my all-time favorite for the relaxed, we're-all-family-feel it has, as well as the cool things you can do besides just juggle: canuggling, cliff diving, and white-water rafting. We did it all this year. CDA Rocks!!!

Shriners Hospital
Shriners Hospital 2
Shriners Hospital 3
Shriners Hospital 4
Shriners Hospital 5
Shriners Hospital 6
Shriners Hospital 7
Shriners Hospital 8
Shriners Hospital 9
Shriners Hospital 10
Shriners Hospital 11
McDonald's Wing
McDonald's Wing 2
McDonald's Wing 3
McDonald's Wing 4
McDonald's Wing 5
McDonald's Wing 6
McDonald's Wing 7
McDonald's Wing 8
McDonald's Wing 9
Radio 2
Radio 3
Radio 4
Radio 5
Radio 6
Radio 7
Radio 8
Radio 9
Canuggling 2
Canuggling 3
Canuggling 4
Canuggling 5
Canuggling 6
Canuggling 7
Canuggling 8
Couples 2
Public Show

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