Workshop Handouts

Over the years, I have taught quite a few workshops. Since 2008 or so, I began creating handouts for them. I chose to do so based on student feedback--students often told me that I covered so much material that it was difficult for them to remember everything we covered, even if they brought a notebook to jot down ideas and patterns. These handouts are usually updated before any festival I attend where I know I will be teaching workshops. Any comments, corrections, or criticisms are always appreciated. Please feel free to offer your comments and critiques about your experiences in my workshops at: JUGGLE SENSEI'S WORKSHOP SURVEY

  • Club Spin Control by Luke Wilson A compendium of Luke Wilson's original workshop on club spin control exercises, tricks, and variations. Luke's teachings will challenge you and take your club juggling to the next level.
  • Funky 5 Ball Patterns A mish-mash of five ball tricks that nobody does, but everyone should learn, because they are funky cool!
  • Diabolo Excalibur A basic history of the technique with primary innovators noted
  • 3-4-5 Ball Bouncing Just a basic sketch of fundamental tricks and ideas
  • Cigar Boxes A monster list of variations and combinations--If you can do everything on this list, you are well on your way
  • Kendama Black Belt A good list of the tricks given by the JKA for black belt, as well as the 10 fundamental tricks and some good website references
  • 4-5-6 Ball Multiplex Tricks Some of my favorites from over the years--I never manage to cover them all, even in two separate workshops.
  • 4-5 Club Multiplex Tricks A good starter list of tricks to try with 4 and 5 clubs, as taught to me by masters like Will Murray, Luke Wilson, and Denis Paumier.
  • 3-4-5 Ball Machine/Factory Tricks After being introduced to the possibilites of this technique by Ben Beever, I have spent several years seeking out the best patterns and performers of this style--here are my findings.
  • 3-4-5 Ball Mills Mess Variations A workshop I put together for the 2009 IJA Festival--still a work in progress but fun for all Mills Mess addicts like myself.
  • Tennis Ball & Can Tennis Ball & Can have been a passion of mine ever since Dan Holzman and Tim Kelly schooled me on their original sequences. I have brought a few new bits to the table since then, and this workshop covers both the fundamentals, and the newest developments.
  • 3-4 Ball Freeze Variations A workshop surrounding a concept that I believe is somewhat original, taking it as a I did from the cigar box world. There is so much unexplored territory here, I decided to put it out there for everyone to play with and to develop new ideas.
  • 4 Clubs: Mild, Medium and Spicy! Another newer workshop that made its debut at IJA 2010. At the time I had been working on clubs a bit and this form was my way of organizing my thoughts. The tricks listed are fairly common, so my idea of Spicy might be someone else's Mild. Still, I do believe that mastery of all these tricks definitely qualifies one as a pretty decent club juggler.

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