Miscellaneous Photos

More shots--these give true meaning to my nickname "Juggle Sensei", as they were all taken at school or doing school-related events.

Bustin' out some late night diabolo in a yukata at the Advanced Language Workshop (OVTA) in Tokyo.
Drunk juggling with the Fergies. Check out the beer vending machine behind me.
Out on the town (Tokyo, that is) with some of the other teachers (sensei,that is).
Ahh...the Obon Festival and some glow in the dark stage balls....
Cigar boxes on Santa Monica Boardwalk after the kids took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
Attempting 7 balls in front of the White House after finishing 4th at the National Japan Bowl.
Silver Creek HS had a Rennaissance Fair a few years back so I tried to get into the spirit...er...yeah.
More boxes outside the classroom after the welcome party for our sister school group from Japan.
I was visiting Sheldon HS as a WASC evaluator and their photo class wanted to work on action photography.

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