My First Juggling Article

This article represents the first time I was ever mentioned in the media for juggling. Ironic that it's for diabolo. Maybe they knew something I didn't.... The Stevenson High School Toss-Up Festival was also my first juggling festival ever. I have been to every one since 1998. Larry Scalzitti and his students put on quite an event.I highly recommend it....

More Montreal Shennanigans

This little note was posted on the notice board of the dorms at UQUAM during the 2000 Montreal festival. I grabbed it because as it turns out, I was the one doing the bounce juggling at 7am in my room on the 10th floor. I was keen on juggling, and I figured everyone would be up and ready to go, right...?

More Medals

I love those medals you get at festivals for winning the games. At the last Toss-Up festival, I got second in about 5 different events before Peter Kaseman took pity on me and helped me win the Diabolo Distance Passing competition.

The other medal I won at the 2000 MadFest Over-25 Juniors Competition. Held during Renegade on Friday night, it was open only to jugglers 25 years or older and you had to wear a vest, or one would be provided. It was written up in Juggle Magazineand it was and remains the only time I have ever hit the 3 box pirouette to foot catch on the very first try. I would give anything for a video of that night. Oh yes, I almost forgot. First, second, and third place winners ALL received bronze medals...nice!

The medal, with a little note from TR Loon...
A closer look at the inscription...
The blushing victor with an actual bouquet of

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