My Ben Linder Award Nominations

For the second year in a row, I was mentioned as having been nominated for the Ben Linder Award at the Portland Juggling Festival. Mentioned, mind you. I didn't win squat, which is okay with me. This year, however, Rhys Thomas did a very nice thing and gave me the nomination papers that people submitted so that I could see what people were thinking. Vova and Olga won this year's award, and deservedly so in my opinion. Here are a couple of my forms...thanks folks!

My Cool Juggling Article

The reason I call this article "cool" is because it was about a one-day juggling festival that my students and I hosted at our school. I was doing my student teaching at Mills High School south of San Francisco and had managed to get some of the kids really into juggling. We set up a little gathering with food donated from the local supermarket, prizes donated from Dube and Klutz, and games for everyone to play. We were just stoked to make it into the newspapers. This is the article than ran in the local paper. I also appreciated the fact that it was in color, and was accurate (which, as you will see, is not always the case). The name of the article was JUGGLING gotta love it.

My 2nd Cool Juggling Article

This article is cool because I got noticed out of about 10,000 graduates at Stanford University. We had Kofi Anan of the United Nations come and speak, but prior to that we had the Wacky Walk--a Stanford tradition. Instead of dressing up in some stupid costume or hat, I brought my clubs, my Fergies, and my Henry's diabolos and had a blast. The picture was taken by my Dad. Here's what the paper had to say....

My Lame Juggling Article

This article is lame because it was supposed to be cool. I was working at Great America Paramount in San Jose for the summer after my graduation from Stanford. It was a great job--juggling all day in the sun--and I was also getting ready to compete for the first time in Montreal. The publicity guy at Great America got wind of my plans and put out a press release that a park employee was going to compete in the so-called World Championships. The San Jose Mercury News sent a photographer, and later, the journalist interviewed me over the phone, with our media guy present. Well, when the article came out, it had a few (ahem...) factual errors, in addition to the fact that the writer took some things I did say, and wove them into this totally untrue story about how I started juggling. Grrr......I have added my own editorial comments on the main image...

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