2005 University of Central Florida Post Halloween Juggling Festival

My first trip to Florida! Homestay with Rootberry! What could be better?! This was a great little festival put on by the UCF Juggling club. Highlights? Let's see....Driving back from the airport with Root and getting the tour. Watching the dance team in the student union on Friday night. Watching Jimmy (Robertson) RULE at DDR. No, seriously. He is the best I have ever seen, and I've lived in Asia for several years. Hanging out at Chez Root and learning about Call of Duty from Bill (first it was MOHAA, now Call of Duty). Bill is responsible for addicting me to more video games than any other person on the planet. Sushi at the Thai place. Seeing the Hamiltons again. Hanging with and getting some 5 club singles tips from the master, John Nations. And of course, the fire juggling post-party in the freakin' SWAMP! Many thanks to Kevin, Jasun, Matt, and Jordan for showing me much love and hooking me up.

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Root Hang Loose
DDR God 1
Dinner at Student Union
DDR God 2
Troop UCF
Bill's Workshop 1
Bill's Workshop 2
Root Behind the Eight Ball(s)
The Stuff
Sushi at the Thai Place
Outside the Thai Place
The Show 1
The Show 2
The Show 3
The Show 4
Cast and Crew
Swamp Post Party 1
Swamp Post Party 2
Swamp Post Party 3
Swamp Post Party 4
Swamp Post Party 5
Swamp Post Party 6
Root the Dragon 1
Root the Dragon 2
Root the Dragon 3
Root the Dragon 4
Root the Dragon 5
Fire Juggling 1
Fire Juggling 2
John Nations 5 torches 1
John Nations 5 torches 2
Swamp Party Hosts
My Room at Chez Rootberry
The Champ's Office
Why He's the Champ...
Bill and Agata
Me and Bill
UCF Group 1
UCF Group 2

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