Jugglefest XII--Texas Juggling Society

Austin, Texas was the second stop on my February juggling odyssey. Jim Maxwell was kind enough to invite me to their 12th annual shindig on the University of Texas campus (Hook 'em Horns!). Again, I had an absolute blast thanks to the generous hosting of the Garden Guys (Roy, Grant, and Jeremy). Highlights (in no particular order) include: Juggling Friday afternoon on the UT campus advertising the festival. Getting a bracelet from the TWAT girls (see photos). Watching the Taco Bell protesters come through our area while some of us ate Taco Bell. Fire juggling on the quad Friday night. MC'ing the Friday night Renegade/Fire Show near the dorm. Getting my ass beat in two straight sets of Paper-Scissors-Rock-Look-Over-There (PSRLOT) by Jim at Renegade. Busting out the Passe Passe glow balls for the second time and doing clean 3 and 4 ball routines (unlike in Scotland, where I sucked). Getting 2 silvers and a gold in the games (first in 3 ball blind, 2nd in 5 ball and diabolo high toss/grind). Watching David Slick juggle--the boy has SKILLS. Messing with David to end the 5 ball endurance. Saving the excalibur genocide in the public show. Going out to the restaurant with the Garden Guys after the show. Teaching 4/5 ball tricks on Sunday. Doing the performance workshop on Saturday and then blowing my 5 ball routine in the show. Playing Horse with Warren and Jeff Lutkus on Sunday. Finally getting to meet Jeff and see what a stud club juggler he is (Warren too). Learning a 423 club variation from Jeff. The beautiful weather for the Toss-up on Sunday. Messing around in the grind comp with everyone. Playing High-Low-Goal-Crush-Bane (HLGCB) with Jim on the ride to the airport. Scoring the cool Texas t-shirts. Meeting a ton of cool new Texas juggling friends!

TWAT Girls
TJS Booth
Fire Juggling 1
Fire Juggling 2
Fire Juggling 3
Fire Juggling 4
Fire Juggling 5
Bell Tower
Cat 1
Cat 2
Video Night
Texas Stage Shot
The Gardens 1
The Gardens 2
The Gardens 3
Breakfast 1
Breakfast 2
Breakfast 3
Japanese Duo
Texas T's
Gym Shot
Stick Grind 1
Stick Grind 2
Stick Grind 3
Texas Toss-Up 1
Texas Toss-Up 2
Texas Toss-Up 3
Texas Toss-Up 4

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