Sydney Juggling Convention-2006

For me, this festival definitely represents the truth in the phrase, "Ask and ye shall receive." I have always dreamed of going to Australia and when I heard my IJA 2004 buddy Mark Douglass was organizing the convention in Sydney, I contacted him and let him know I was DEFINITELY available and could be had for a song. We sorted it out and I was set! My memories and highlights from the fest in no particular order: Going to the supermarket with James (Ross) and Mark minutes after my arrival and buying 10 kinds of beer for me to try. Practicing with Dave (Halliwell), James, and Mark at the funky, HOT, racquetball courts. Getting drunk that night while watching the South African/Sri Lanka test and learning all about cricket! Mark giving me a real cricket ball! Staying at Daniel (Thompson)'s sweet pad with Simon and watching his vids! Dan and Simon taking me on a whirlwind tour of Syndey including a stop at Manly Beach. Meeting and hanging out with Kiki Vita! Vita's club workshop at the festival! Dave learning all the tricks in Kiki's workshop and then performing them at Renegade THAT night?!?!! The California piss-take at Renegade by Rob (Thornburn). Losing "Look Over There" all night at Renegade until the final match for the actual prize and then beating Sasha (Fawkes) to take the title back home to the U.S. Watching Sasha NAIL his diabolo routine in the Public Show. Watching Phillipe (Quoilin) at age 56 (?) rock the Public Show with his old school cigar boxes and contact juggling. Meeting and juggling with Christian (Parr). Pog's routine in the public show. Meeting the Paella crew and doing five ball dropbacks with Tom "Juggle This" (Allen), E, Danni (Osmond), and Dale (Hutton). Opening, MC'ing, and Closing the Public Show with a good diabolo routine. Actually having something to say during my Performance/Practice workshop. Watching Mark's routine in the public show and knowing that I'm going to see it win a medal at IJA. Hitting the pubs and sushi with the folks. Eating take-away and taking cabs drunk with Dan. The final night party filled with games, stories, photos and handcuffs! Mark, Dan, Dave, Simon--you guys are true mates!

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James and Mark's Dog
James, Mark, and Rubic
Drunk Cricket
The Stuff
Leaving Mark's House 1
Leaving Mark's House 2
At the Pub
Dan's Sweet Pad 1
Dan's Sweet Pad 2
Australia Day 1
Australia Day 2
Australia Day 3
Australia Day 4
Australia Day 5
Australia Day 6
Sydney Harbor Panorama 1
Sydney Harbor Panorama 2
Sydney Harbor Panorama 3
Australia Day Juggling 1
Australia Day Juggling 2
Australia Day Juggling 3
Australia Day Mates
Inside the Gym
The Graveyard
Outside the Gym
Heading to Sushi
Workshop Area
Church Next Door
Sushi in Sydney!
Newtown Main Street
Newtown Bed Store
Train Station Schedule
Opera House Juggling 1
Opera House Juggling 2
Simon and Dan
Leaving Portside Dock
Sydney Opera House
Me and the Opera House
Me and the Coat Hanger
The PM's crib-wow!
Manly Beach
Pub Crawl
Fire Diabolo 1
Fire Diabolo 2
Post Party 1
Post Party 2
Post Party 3
Post Party 4
OC friend
Sydney Group Shot

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