Scottish Juggling Convention 2005

Glasgow, Scotland was the first stop on my February juggling odyssey. Graham Benson and I met at the BJC in Derby last year, and he invited me to Scotland to join in the festivities. This is a festival I want to recommend to Americans--if you're going to spend some coin going overseas, then the Scottish would be a good bet. Highlights (in no particular order) include: Crashing at Graham's pad after an 18 hour journey. The Kinning Park space--wonderful for a gathering of jugglers. Getting to see Luke, Ewan and Mike again. Showing Things You Can't Do 2 to the guys in the gym, despite the noise. Staying up until 4am doing diabolos with Matt and Sean (thanks for the tips on rebounds, Matt). Going shopping for water and crisps at 6am and finding one store open. Seeing Donald Grant again after hanging with him at EJC 2003. Getting schooled by Donald in his diabolo workshop. He's still got it, lads. Don't ever doubt it. Teaching excalibur to everyone. The public show at 3pm on Saturday. Watching Barnesy, Basketball Jones, Ruth, Christopher and Ida, and Pascal's acts in the show. Being Luke's ball bitch for his act--payback for Svendborg. Debuting my new 4/5/7 ball routine along with the new diabolo routines and having them go off well (except for the 2 diabolo cock-ups). Debuting my 3/4/5 club routine at Renegade and having them go well, despite being quite pissed (drunk). Drinking Tennant's Super and having everyone look at me like I was insane (It's GREAT beer, trust me...). Meeting Sam Vines from Chocfest and doing some drunken club stealing on Saturday night. Drinking Glenlivet with Donald and screwing around with Kendamas Saturday night. Talking about Neddys, Sanges (sp?) and British trailer trash equivalents. THE CEILIDH!!!!! Thanks to Johhny Gladlion for the pictures and for doing a good job as Renegade compere. Finding my camera after I thought I'd lost it. The private sleeping arrangements for me--ahh sweet solitude. Seeing Ewan sleeping on the billiard table and getting him again (nothing but love, brother). The delicious breakfasts and dinner that the organizers put together--outstanding. The haggis juggling--getting my arse kicked except for one round where I won with a run of 7 seconds for 5 haggis. The Glasgow Science Centre--what a cool place. The 4/5 ball workshop on Sunday. The 2 diabolo workshop on Sunday with Sean, Matt and Barnsey. Pulling the duicide to genocide (a la Antonin) in front of everyone and on camera. Stuffing my face at Graham's for the final dinner with delicious take away while we played HLGCB. Watching the editor's cut of Return of the King at Graham's with Christopher and Ida until 2am that night. Shopping and bounce juggling at Glasgow Airport before my flight. Meeting a ton of cool new Scottish and British juggling friends!

Scottish Breakfast 1
Scottish Breakfast 2-The Group
The Godfather 1
The Godfather 2
Excalibur Blur
Britney Juggles?!?
Poi Cabaret
Basketball Jones
Burrage Balls
Pascal the Man
Hip Hop Pascal
The Godfather in the Show
MCH Show 1
MCH Show 2
MCH Show 3
MCH Show 4
MCH Show 5
MCH Show 6
MCH Show 7
MCH Show 8
MCH Show 9
MCH Show 10
SJC Public Show Performers
SJC Public Show Black & White
Saturday Night 1
Saturday Night 2
Sunday Morning 1
Sunday Morning 2
Sunday Morning 3
Sunday Morning 4
Sunday Morning 5
Sunday Morning 6
Sleeping Brit 1
Sleeping Brit 2
Sleeping Brit 3
Glasgow Science Centre
MCH Boxes
Haggis 1
Haggis 2
Haggis 3
Poi Goddess
SJC Toss-Up
Dirty Diabolo 1-Matt
Dirty Diabolo 1-Sean
Scottish Homies 1
Scottish Homies 2
Scottish Sunday Sunset 1
Scottish Sunday Sunset 2
Scottish Sunday Sunset 3
Scottish Sunday Sunset 4
Scottish Sunday Sunset 5
Goodbye Kinning Park
Take-Away Dinner
Tennant's Super
Airport 7 Bounce

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