Reggae on the River 2005

Once again, I made my way up to the far North California wilderness to partake of Reggae on the River. Once again, Mike and the crew were in effect as the Offbeat Outlaws. I again took up the mantle of Catfish, non-speaking juggler. This year we did not busk as much as last year, and that is probably because we did not need to busk. This year we got treated like rock stars, with backstage passes, food passes, parking passes and similar perks. Add to that the fact that it was freakin' HOT this year. Another massive bonus for me was being invited to perform on the Main Stage of the festival in between acts. I stuck with the tried and true diabolo routine, including excalibur, and I managed to make it through dropless. I was stoked, the 2,000 or so fans awake at 2:30pm were stoked, and the rest is history. I just wish I hadn't lost the pictures Mike took while I was onstage!!! AARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!! Otherwise, it was a great time and I want to thank the Kidlandia organizers, Kasey and Jason Cave, for treating me like "a world champion juggler". Praise Jah!

The Stuff
The Campsite
First Morning
Hobo Clown MC
Kidlandia Stage
Staff Door
The Rest of Kidlandia
Recycling the RIGHT way
Box 1
Box 2
Box 3
Box 4
Box 5
Box 6
Box 7
Box 8
Box 9
Clubs 1
Clubs 2
Clubs 3
Clubs 4
Clubs 5
Clubs 6
Clubs 7
ROTR 2005
Kidlandia Dusk Parade
Dusk Parade 2
Dusk Parade 3
Dusk Parade 4
Busking 4 Balls
Busking 4 Balls 2
Busking 5 Balls
Busking 5 Balls 2
Busking 7 Balls
Busking Tennis Racquet
Busking Diabolo 1
Busking Diabolo 2
Busking Diabolo 3
Sticker Truck
Backstage 1
Backstage 2
Backstage 3
Offbeat Outlaws 1
Offbeat Outlaws 2
Offbeat Outlaws 3
Offbeat Outlaws 4
Offbeat Outlaws 5
Offbeat Outlaws 2005

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