Portland Juggling Convention-2006

This year Lisa was not able to come to Portland with me, which was a sad and unfortunate first for both of us. Balanced against this, I consider myself extremely lucky to have been welcomed into the Thomas home for the duration of the convention. They were so kind and giving that it helped with the wife-deprivation. Other highlights include: Going to the falls with Mark Hayward and Curt Carlyle of V-Town. Going crazy with balls and clubs at Renegade and not totally sucking. Jamming with David Kha on tennis ball/can stuff and enjoying it so much we decided to jump into the public show with our act. Watching David steal the stage in our act by going clean was just gravy. Diabolo insanity with Ryo Yabe in the gym after the show including dual excalibur passes! Winning the five ball endurance with the help of my trusty iPod nano. Getting Jack in the Box with Maria and chowing down at home. Speaking of home, Rhys' house rocks! The post-party was just incredible.

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After the Falls!
The Gym at Reed College
The Sign
The Grom
Rhys' House 1
Rhys' House 2
Rhys' House 3
Rhys' House 4
The Chef?!?
Me and Pat
Yabe and Haruka
Tennis Can Duo
Curtain Call
Gym Friends 1
Gym Wackos
Gym Friends 2
Me and the Master
Ben Linder Award 1
Ben Linder Award 2
Ben Linder Award 3
Ben Linder Award 4
Ben Linder Award 5
Wedding Album 1
Wedding Album 2
The Games 1
The Games 2
The Games 3
Post Party 1
Post Party 2
Post Party 3
Post Party 4
Post Party 5
Post Party 6
Martini Glass Diabolo 1
Martini Glass Diabolo 2
Me and Ed Provencher
Me and Rhys' Cat

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