2006 PZone Cigar Box Boot Camp

Okay, so here's the deal. Jon Wee and Owen Morse approached me a while back to help them put together some new ideas for a cigar box routine for their show. They also asked Jeff Daymont as well, so our first sessions took place at Jon's house in Hermosa Beach and at The Comedy and Magic Club (super cool!). Lisa and I flew down to stay at Jon's place, while Daymont-san and I put our heads together to came up with some freaky stuff. Jon and Owen jumped right in and worked their tails off to get their fundamental skill level higher. They worked even harder at being great hosts and they succeeded on all counts. The next time around, Jeff couldn't make it, so Lisa and I flew down again and stayed with Owen this time. This time, we remembered to bring the camera! Highlights include: Getting to meet both the Wee (Jon, Leah, Xander, Linnea) and Morse (Dorli, Helen, Hannah) families. Seeing the treasure trove of memorabilia at Jon's house. Going out to dinner with the wives in Redondo our last night. Leah's kind advice and comment to me about public speaking. Blasting burly tricks with Daymont during our fooling around sessions. Seeing how juggling has paid the bills the last 20 years for these two veteran showmen. Bodysurfing with Jon. The incredible house and Christmas Party hosted by Dana Daniels, master magician, complete with rocking Carolers. Last but not least, just hanging out with and getting to know Jon and Owen better. "You got the pink slip on boxes now guys!!"

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Owen and The Kiddos
Pool/PingPong/Computer Table
The Hot Wives Club
Where's the Bathroom?!?
Americana Galore
Owen and Dorli
Sweet Kitchen
The Passing Zone and J Sensei
The Wife with a Cork...
Ain't She Great?...
The Kick Ass Carolers
More Fun Stuff
Our Gracious Host: Dana Daniels
Oh, They Vex Me So...
Box Boot Camp 2: Complete!

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