Pacific Northwest Juggling Convention 2009

The Corvallis festival, as I'll call it, has been on an every-other year schedule, much to my chagrin. When I asked David Sallee, the mastermind behind this great festival, why the gap in years, he responded by saying that it takes time for the Corvallis crew to raise funds and organize the festival sufficiently so that it can be free to all attendees. You know what? I think he's right in this case. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and the Corvallis Crew is committed to offering a low-cost (free) festival. So be it. 2009 was an improvement over 2007 in many ways--for me just having the gym/armory heated put the festival on a much higher level. =) I'm hoping the festival in 2011 turns up the attendance numbers with more folks from Portland as well more jugglers from further south. Definitely worth your festival attendance dollars!

For more personal details and reviews of the festival, you can read the rec.juggling thread by clicking here

Lunch on Friday
Matt's Inventions 1
Matt's Inventions 2
Matt's Inventions 3
Matt's Inventions 4
Renegade MC's 1
Renegade MC's 2
Look Over There 1
Look Over There 2
Aaron and Jesus 1
Aaron and Jesus 2
Gender Bender Hoops 1
Gender Bender Hoops 2
Why is this man smiling?
Balloon Tomfoolery 1
Balloon Tomfoolery 2
Balloon Tomfoolery 3
Balloon Tomfoolery 4
The Robot!!
Juggling Fear Factor 1
Juggling Fear Factor 2
Juggling Fear Factor 3
Juggling Fear Factor 4
Juggling Fear Factor 5
Scissor God 1
Scissor God 2
Red Alert!
Renegade Crowd 1
Renegade Crowd 2
Fest Shirt Cornucopia
Red Alert Rocks
Lisa 4 Clubs 1
Lisa 4 Clubs 2
Aaron Onstage
The Lads Together
Show Cast 1
Show Cast 2
Partners in Victory!
Check those Shoes!
The Man-Dave Sallee
The New Hotness 1
The New Hotness 2

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