2007 Pacific Northwest Juggling Convention

This year a new festival joined the ranks of sweet West Coast juggling congregations. The folks at Oregon State, led capably by Ed Provencher, David Sallee, and Chris Comstock, threw together a full three-day blast, complete with public show, Sean McKinney competition, workshops, Renegade stage, and Best Trick comp. Did I mention that the whole thing took place in a huge armory on the campus, with good eats and a great theater nearby? Ryan Mellors, Aaron Gregg, David Kha, VanillaTown, and other notables made the scene and performed in the public show. Everything ran smoothly and I came away thinking that this festival could be the next Portland, or the next CDA. One other thing to remember: Ed was living in Korea for pretty much the whole time they were organizing this shindig!??!!! Awesome.

To see the official website and check out some teaser video clips, click here.

Eric Wu is Up and Coming...
David Kha is Old School...
Matt Cantrell has club SKILLS
Sven is hard core...
Peggy with the good stuff
VTown and the Superstar
Ed and Chris Backstage
Dave Clay and Hats
Dave wins the McKinney Award
The Champ...well deserved!
The Wife says "Good Show"
Me and Eric...Chillin'
Me and David
Inside the Armory-Best Trick
Jeffrey! I've been missing you!
Alpaca and BJC

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