Montreal Juggling Convention 2009

Montreal and I have history. Like two lovers have history. My first IJA Festival? Montreal. My biggest juggling video filming gig ever? Montreal. Coming back for the Montreal Juggling Festival was like coming home in some ways. To Don Lewis and the rest of the JAQ--merci beaucoup from the bottom of my heart.

For more personal details and reviews of the festival, you can read the rec.juggling thread by clicking here

Setting Up
The Crew Arrives
Renegade on Friday Night
Renegade 2
Renegade 3
Renegade 4
Renegade 5
Emman 'n Norbi
Sensei Menu 1
Sensei Menu 2
Sensei Menu 3
Sensei Menu 4
Sensei Menu 5
Sensei Menu 6
Sensei Menu 7
Sensei Menu 8
Sensei Menu 9
Sensei Menu 10
Sensei Menu 11
Sensei Menu 12
Sensei Menu 13
Sensei Menu 14
Sensei Menu 15
Bathroom Kitty
The Gym
The Wonderful Bistro
The Statue and The Workshops
Green Room
Funky Clubs 1
Funky Clubs 2
Funky Clubs 3
Funky Clubs 4
Funky Clubs 5
Funky Clubs 6
Funky Clubs 7
Don's Wine Gift
Don's 2AM Feast!
Breakfast Every Day 1
Breakfast Every Day 2
Breakfast Every Day 3
JAQ in da house
Great Posters
Hand Lettered Everyday
Five Ball Endurance Victory
Five Balls Continued
Five Balls Continued Again
7 Ball Endurance
7 Ball Endurance Victory
5 Club Endurance Not Sucking
Passing Games
Matt and Sean
Mi Amigo!
Best Boxer in the World
3 Monkeys Part 1
3 Monkeys Part 2
The Great Organizers 1
The Great Organizers 2
Yes-We Did
I'm Spent!
Outside the Gym
The Miscreants
Squirrels and Vines 1
Squirrels and Vines 2
Squirrels and Vines 3
This is a High School
KFC is PFK in Canada
Couche-Tard is cool
After Party 1
After Party 2
After Party 3
After Party 4
After Party 5
After Party 6
Flamenco Queen 1
Flamenco Queen 2
Flamenco Queen 3
Flamenco Queen 4
Flamenco Queen 5
Flamenco Queen 6
Flamenco Queen 7
Flamenco Queen 8
My Room
Don's Office
Don's Hood
Don's Pad
The Bat Cave
Coffee Table Candy
Sweet VHS Collection

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