The Complete Juggler DVD Shoot-Montreal, Canada

After Charlie Dancey's Encyclopedia and Donald Grant's books, I think The Complete Juggler was one of my earliest juggling tomes. So you can imagine my surprise when Dave Finnigan e-mailed me and asked if I would be interested in helping him and Dorothy film a DVD version of the book. Filming in a studio in Montreal? Working with Goudurix Ltd.'s Alex Pepin? All expenses paid plus more? Hmmmm...I'll have to think about it...

Seriously though, I jumped at the chance and soon I found myself back in the city where I attended my first IJA convention (Montreal 2000). This time around, I got to see a great deal more of the city thanks to Alex, Stephen, Jerome, Mario, Alexi, Sebastian, and the rest of the Goudurix/St. Ambroise Studios crew. These guys are true professionals--working their asses off to get the good footage. They also introduced us to some great food and drink (What was that beer garden place's name?). Other great times included eating at Pizzadelic, jamming at the Tam Tam Jam, and watching The Passing Zone rock the house on America's Got Talent while we were having the wrap party at Alex's mom's place.

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Dorothy Rings
The Green Room
Studio Lounge
Studios St. Ambroise
Basillica of Notre Dame
Rue du St. Jean 1
Rue du St. Jean 2
The Keg 1
The Keg 2
Dave and Matt
Drunk Alex
Alex and Karen
Terrasse Guindon at Mont Royal
Apartment 1
My Room
Tam Tam Jam 1
Tam Tam Jam 2
Tam Tam Jam 3
Tam Tam Jam 4
Tam Tam Jam 5
Tam Tam Jam 6
Tam Tam Jam 7
Fountain Filming 1
Fountain Filming 2
Fountain Filming 3
On Mount Royal
Dorothy 5 Clubs
Matt 5 Clubs 1
Matt 5 Clubs 2
The Crew...Chillin'
The Props 1
The Props 2
The Props 3
Homeless Kitty 1
Homeless Kitty 2
Boxes Baby! 1
Boxes Baby! 2
Closing Scene
That's a Wrap!
The Crew...Workin'
The Passing Zone on AGT 1
The Passing Zone on AGT 2
Wrap Party 1
Wrap Party 2
Alex's Mom's Crib
Alex's Crib
Goudurix Shop 1
Goudurix Shop 2
The Conference Room
The Factory 1
The Factory 2
The Factory 3
The Factory 4
The Factory 5
The Factory 6
The Factory 7

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