Melbourne Juggling Convention 2009

Australia AGAIN!!! God I love this country. I love the food, the climate, and most of all, the people. Sydney gave me a taste of Down Under in 2006, and I figured that nothing could be better or bigger than Sydney. I was wrong. Christian Parr, the festival organizer, definitely ranks in the top 5 for all-time squared-away festival organizers. Flexible, yet organized, Christian definitely had things running like a well-oiled machine all week. I was the festival's first international guest, and Christian treated me like absolute gold. Conventioneers--you WANT to go to THIS festival. I could go on and on, but I'll just hit you with the links below

For more personal details and reviews of the festival, you can read the rec.juggling thread by clicking here.My HLGCBS entry gives my true impression of the festival--just totally gobsmacked.

Sunrise over OZ 1
Sunrise over OZ 2
Sunrise over OZ 3
Sunrise over OZ 4
Sunrise over OZ 5
Sunrise over OZ 6
Sunrise over OZ 7
Mark's Great First Wkshp 1
Mark's Great First Wkshp 2
The Captain...
Adresses the Troops
Renegade 1
Renegade 2
Renegade 3
Renegade 4
Renegade 5
Renegade 6
My mate...
Renegade 7
Renegade 8
Renegade 9
Renegade 10
Renegade 11
Renegade 12
Renegade 13
Curse Your Flash!
Breakfast of Champions
Gala Show Cast 1
Gala Show Cast 2
Gala Show Cast 3
Gala Show Cast 4
NZ Homeboys!
Beer Meister 1
Beer Meister 2
Beer Meister 3
Backyard of Peace
I love his place
My Room
My view
My crap
Out Front 1
Out Front 2
Out Front 3
The Hallway (empty)
Yeah baby
I am the Batman
My Lair
Games Day
Last Day Mates 1
Last Day Mates 2
Last Day Mates 3
Last Day Mates 4
Last Day Mates 5
Factory Co-Creator
Ping Pong!
Bathroom Wisdom 1
Bathroom Wisdom 2
Bathroom Wisdom 3
Bathroom Wisdom 4
Aftermath 1
Aftermath 2
Aftermath 3

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