My IJA Practice Lists

If you've read the diary, then you know that I worked my ass off. I am definitely a goal-oriented person and so this time around when I wanted to make it really count, I decided to be systematic about the process. I wrote out the ball routine because I knew that would be more challenging than the diabolo sections. I tried every trick 5 times, and wrote down how many times I succeeded with each trick. After a while, I started just running the routine and putting little dots next to the areas where I dropped. Looking back at the sheets now, I realize I was also keeping a mini-diary about what was happening in my life, at school, with Lisa, how I was doing with diabolo and so on. You can also see how the routine evolved over time. This method may not be the most effective way of preparing for the IJA championships, but it is the way I did it.

Week 1-2
Week 3-4
Week 5-6
Week 7-8
Week 9-10
Week 11-12
Week 13-14
Week 15-16
Week 17-18
Week 19-20
Week 21-22
Week 23-24
Week 25-26
Week 27-28
Week 29-30
Week 31-32
Week 33-34

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