Humboldt Juggling Festival 2009

Another glorious year in Arcata! I love going up to this festival--just a quick little hop in the plane and I'm in a very different world--far from the Silicon Valley madness. A spiritual breath of fresh air, so to speak. I've been coming up for several years now, having only missed a few, I believe. This year I got to MC the show and as always I had an absolute blast, especially because my boy Michael Karas was in the house and he rocked it BIG TIME. Many kudos to Eli, Raggedy Annie, Steven Weaven, the Johnson brothers, and so many other Humboldt Circus studs and studettes. This crew has definitely built the festival up in the last few years in a big way. The attendance of the Vulcan Crew this year also added big flava to the festival, and was appreciated by all! One added bonus, I managed to score what is definitely the best photo of me b-boying EVER in 25 years of breakdancing. Huzzah!!!

For more personal details and reviews of the festival, you can read the rec.juggling thread by clicking here

5 Fruit Endurance
Eli the Master
Eli's Domain
Wet Shoes & Socks
Liquor Store Kitty!
Garcia showing Respect
The Gym 1
The Gym 2
Karas Workshop 1
Karas Workshop 2
Smoking Tree in a Tree
My Sanctuary
Shangri-La 1
Shangri-La 2
Shangri-La 3
Shangri-La 4
MC Kendama 1
MC Kendama 2
MC Kendama 3
Karas Freeze 1
Karas Freeze 2
Karas Freeze 3
Karas Freeze 4
Karas Freeze 5
Karas Freeze 6
Karas Freeze 7
Karas Freeze 8
Karas Freeze 9
Karas Freeze 10
Karas Freeze 11
Karas Freeze 12
Karas Freeze 13
Karas Freeze 14
Pepper Jacque 1
Pepper Jacque 2
Minion 1
Minion 2
MC Bounce 1
MC Bounce 2
MC Bounce 3
MC Tired...
MC Perky!
MC Diabolo 1
MC Diabolo 2
Kuchuu Buranko
Alas Poor Kendama...
Minions and Sensei
Ball Slave 1
Ball Slave 2
Ball Slave 3
Final Bow 1
Final Bow 2
Show Cast 1
Show Cast 2
Show Cast 3
B-Boy 1
B-Boy 2
B-Boy 3
B-Boy 4
B-Boy 5
B-Boy 6
B-Boy 7
Gang's All Here 1
Gang's All Here 2
Gang's All Here 3
My Cell Phone Shot
The Crew 1
5 Ball Enduronauts
Karas and Me 1
Karas and Me 2
The Crew 2
The Crew 3
The Whole Gang
The Crew 4
Shea and Liz
The Johnsons
5 Ball Enduronauts 2
The Boys
Fuzzy Silver Creek!

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