2007 Humboldt Juggling Festival

In 2004, I headlined the Humboldt Juggling Convention, and as luck would have it, I got invited to join their 7th annual festival again. Nicole Gromme and Shea Freelove put together another good festival chock full of strong performers. Karen Quest compered the public show and performed her full 60 minute show on Sunday. Vanilla Town was there and I was grateful to have Mike and Curt's energy supporting me when I needed a boost. Erin Stephens and I finally got to share a stage together, which was a definite treat. David Clay made the scene, and I have got to say that I'm starting to really like his work. Kevin Axtell and the Mountain Madness crew gave me the shock of my life when 1.) I saw Kevin doing to diabolos and 2.) I saw Tom had cut his hair. The games rocked as usual, with an extra best trick/individual prop-type competition thrown in as well. Very cool. I did not have a good show, and I was sick for the whole weekend, but nevertheless it is always good to be back in Arcata. On a more serious note, Nicole took her life a few months after the festival. For my part, I will remember her as a fellow cast member who performed as an Off Beat Outlaw at Reggae on the River and I will remember her for her store, Hey Juan Burritos. If you're in Humboldt, stop by, have one, and thank Nicole for it.

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Below, you will find two nice little videos from the festival. The first one is a festival highlights clip, and the second one is a public show highlights video.

Workshop Action
The Gym
Curt with Boxes
Kevin with DIABOLOS?!?
David Clay with 5 Clubs
My gracious host...Beth Leebolt
My Room...ahhh
Check out the bike!
From Another Angle
The Leebolt Family
The Rental...Ready to Go
Public Show Rehearsal 1
Public Show Rehearsal 2
Axtell-san is Superfly!
I "heart" VanillaTown
Erin Stephen is a Rock Star
iJuggle Goodness 1
iJuggle Goodness 2
My boy Mike and his Gal

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