European Juggling Convention 2003

This summer I had the distinct pleasure of attending the European Juggling Convention in Svendborg, Denmark. As an added bonus, I was invited to perform and teach workshops. This fest was incredible--one of the best I have ever attended. Many thanks to John, Jon, Kevin, Mini and so many others for making my first EJC one for the ages.

EJC Arrival
EJC Renegade Compere
EJC Beer Tent
Jay G and Donald G
Parade Toss-Up
Parade Show 2
Parade Show 3
Parade Sign
MCH as Andre Agassi
Games Day Beach
Crazy Golf Course
Games Day Field
Cigar Box 1
Cigar Box 2
Cigar Box 3
Gang of Four
Public Show IJO
Old Skool 1
Old Skool 2
Old Skool 4 Ball
Renegade Tennis Can
Mad French Posse and Friends
Ofek the Wonderkid
Caravan Sign
Full Caravan
Renegade Comperes
Visitor's Book Entry

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