Cirque du Soleil Quidam Visit 2006

Steve Ragatz, long-time Cirque performer and all-around pro's professional, invited me and Lisa down to Long Beach for a weekend with the Quidam cast. Specifically, the Beijin Circus diabolo girls wanted to hang and learn some skills, so I said, "HAI!!" and we were set. Steven and his wife were lovely hosts, and we had a blast practicing with the girls. Later that day, we went to the four o'clock show where we ended up sitting next to one of the girls from the movie Cheaper By The Dozen. After the first show, we went backstage (saw Kobe Bryant!) and met some of the other cast members. We had dinner in the Cirque kitchen and then hung out backstage for the second, eight o'clock show. All I can say is...WOW. For me, Cirque represents the pinnacle, the highest goal a juggler can hope to achieve (sorry Anthony, I'd take a tour with Cirque over a Golden Clown). Every meal, every conversation with Steven was like a master class on performing and juggling. I wish I had taped them all!

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Instruction Time 1
Instruction Time 2
Instruction Time 3
Ragatz and the Quidam Girls 1
Ragatz and the Quidam Girls 2
Queen Mary
Long Beach Harbor
Backstage 1
Backstage 2
The Tutor and the Talent
Performers' Couch

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