British Juggling Convention 2006

My second BJC was even better than the first one in Derby, and that's saying something. Haley, and the Andy's really put on a FANTASTIC event this year. Everyone was saying how it was one of the best BJC's ever. I was coming in straight from the epic Israeli convention, so I was already thrashed. Voice gone, sleep-deprived, and arm-sore, I resolved to keep a stiff upper lip and not let the side down and all that. Right off the bat, I get picked up at Heathrow by volunteer driver, light plane pilot, and all around wild man Adrian Witcomb. Turns out he's into kendama, so you KNOW we were chilling during the 4-5 hour drive to Bodmin. Best time I've had driving all night. The site was tops. And the VIP accommodations? HOLY MOLY! They had taken over an entire bed and breakfast and put me, Yabe, Aaron Gregg, Tempei, and various other folks in the sumptious rooms. After the freezing caravan with me, Lisa, and Rootberry jammed into it in Derby, this was heaven indeed. Other highlights include: Getting a SWEET wedding photo from Mike (Armstrong). Catching up with Mini, Steph, Andy V., Peachi, Sindi, Sam, Norbi and, of course, Ewan. Meeting and partying with Marco Paoletti from Argentina. Learning about random siteswaps from Marco. Taking a workshop with Ben Beever--my idol. The Friday Night Juggle Jam with breakdancing. Judging the British Young Juggler of the Year and seeing some tremendous acts. The Best Trick comp after the BYJOTY with my breaking jams blaring out the speakers for lack of better music. Getting to meet and juggle with Tempei--he is truly an amazing juggler with MANY props. Eating hamburgers and pasties at the food tent at all hours. Having some really good workshops with good turnout and strong energy. Winning the five ball endurance against Jaime Fletcher, Beever, Peter Bone, Luke Burrage and other legends. Walking around Bodmin with Andy looking for a post office. Watching Aaron Gregg and Becka win almost every other game. Inventing a new excalibur trick at the end of the workshop and pulling it on camera for Trick of the Week. The ride to and back from the show venue with Luke, Pola, Niels Duinker, Aaron, Marco, Yabe and Haruka. The all-day tech for the public show (ugh). Sucking at compering the first 4pm show, and then getting called on it by Andy and Luke (ouch, but needed). Doing a much better job of it the second show. My minions. Andy getting me tea, honey, salt, and lemon non-stop the whole day (Thanks mate!!!). The Alley Battle of Fates with Ewano (you know what I mean, brother!). The On-Stage Battle of the Heroes with Ewano (U.S.A!!!! U.S.A.!!!). Luke and Pola's generous gift of performance art! Actually getting to be in the Reduced Public Show at Renegade as Ewan. Getting the whole tent to sing "Fuck Her Softly" by Tenacious D. Being so drunk/exhausted I couldn't rap Follow the Leader by Eric B and Rakim. Leaving at 1AM for the train station with Yabe and Haruka and missing the train to London and being stranded at the station, in the cold, for what seemed like hours. Being rescued by Andy and Haley with a hired driver who then drove us through the night to Heathrow (Deep Bow to Haley/Andy!).

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Our Condo!
The Stuff in the Kitchen
My room!
Me and Mini
2006 BYJOTY Competitors
2006 BYJOTY Competitors and Judges
Tempei at Breakfast
The Proprietors
Excalibur Aftermath
Pre-Show Shave
Me and Niels
Reduced Public Show 1
Reduced Public Show 2
Reduced Public Show 3
Siteswap Crew
Beer Tent Mates 1
Beer Tent Mates 2
Beer Tent Mates 3
Bitchy Brits
Luke and Pola's Gift
Haley's Poster
Mike the ShutterBug
Aaron and Becka
Marco and the Cannucks
Marco 2
Yabe and Haruka at the Dragon Centre
Train Station Sign
Breaking the Law 1
Breaking the Law 2
Missed the Train!

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