David Kha Tennis Ball/Can [43] multiplex from can  
David Kha Tennis Ball/Can ball in can hitting balls back to left hand
David Kha Tennis Ball/Can ball on divot swing arm catches  
Multiplex vids Sylvain 6 ball [72]27 (start with 2 4's)  
Jussi Sirkusteltta vid 2 diabolo pirouette to contortionist shuffle  
Tommi Sirkusteltta vid 1 diabolo around arm pirouettes (both directions)
JDC video 2003 2 diabolo magic knot to arm stall  
Puntointerrogative vid Busk 2 diabolo 360 knot combo  
VOTW Peter 2 diabolo sunblocker (okay, but not great)  
11/25/07 NothingÉschool  
11/26/07 NothingÉschool  
Matt Hall 6 ball 6[33][33] (5 cycles--tricky, but fun and original)  
rec.juggling Hydrophibian 3 ball 915111 with 1's under right & left leg
11/29/07 NothingÉpracticing for WinterFest  
rec.juggling Ewano 4 ball (ax,2x)(2x,6x)(2x,2x)(2x,ax)(6x,2x)(2x,2x)
Thomas Dietz 7 ball half-shower (about 7+ right hand throws)  
Dan Marden 5 ball [43]2[33]  
Small Compresso vid Busk 1 diabolo elbow catch to vertax dark side start
12/2/07 NothingÉ2007 JLPT in San Francisco!  
Matt Hall Kendama ikkaiten saka otoshi  
Matt Hall Kendama ura haneken  
Matt Hall 1 diabolo whip-duicide-one-hand catch-mini-genocide  
12/5/07 NothingÉlazy  
12/6/07 (Diabology Day!!!)  
Vux 2 diabolo double magic knot 360 walkaround  
Vux 2 diabolo around arm double magic knot  
Trash 2 diabolo behind neck arm stall suicide sun out (finally!!!)  
Eric 1 diabolo through legs richocets (finally!!!)  
Antonin 1 diabolo around left arm integral suicide (finally!!!)  
Carvin 2004 vid Jako 2 diabolo sprinkler double pirouette sun  
Carvin 2004 vid Jako 2 diabolo double sprinkler pirouette sun